The normal way to get here from Chengdu is to take a bus from XinNanMen Station near the center of Chengdu. Now, this is a one-day bus. Normally it takes around 14+ hours to get here. 

You may also find a private driver with a Landcruiser/van leaving from the WuHouCi district of Chengdu, cost is usually 250-500. This trip can also be done in one day.  They usually leave from the KangDing Binguan area early in the morning (before 4 o'clock).

Sorry, no trains or planes yet. The Ganzi airport should be completed in 2019(?).

It takes about 45 minutes to walk, if you don't have too much luggage.

There are usually taxi drivers around the bus station; and now that our road is fixed, it shouldn't be too hard to find one to take you.  It should cost 10-15rmb to come up here.  Call us if you need to, our number should be at the top right corner of this page.

You can also look us up on your maps.me app. It shows us at 2 places, but one is identified as the "correct location."  Go to that one!  The location on booking.com and Google maps is NOT correct.  Sorry about that.  At this point, it seems that we cannot correct those.  If you don't have maps.me, just get close and start asking any of the locals where the foreigners live.  They can show you where to go.

Of course, we have everything! (...almost)

Normally, yes. However...as this is still considered somewhat of a "frontier" area, electric (and water pressure) to the area sometimes dies for a bit. While we want to do everything possible to keep you comfortable, we don't have the resources to cover all electrical and water issues. It's not usually a big problem.

No. Visa extensions can *currently* be obtained in Kangding or Yushu, but it may be a good idea to confirm before making a special trip.

Other than us, there are very few. Plan on using any Chinese or Tibetan language resources you can muster.